Have You Registered for Fall Courses Yet?

Although some Graduate and Extended Learning students are still participating in summer courses, fall registration is currently underway and courses are filling up quickly.  To ensure you have a seat in your preferred course(s), we strongly encourage you to take a moment, select your course(s), and register as soon as possible.

If you are considering starting a program, but not yet admitted for fall, there’s still time to submit a complete application for most of our graduate and extended learning programs.  Academic advisors and graduate admission specialists are available in-person or by phone for advisement.  Extended hours into the evening through 7pm are available Monday, August 6th, and Wednesday, August 8th.

For those who are enrolled in just one course for the fall semester, you may want to consider the possibility of adding another course to your scheduleStudents who have increased their course loads in the past, often find the benefit, especially when they reassess their graduation date, as the possibility of graduating earlier than initially anticipated is incredibly welcomed!

For a quick reference, here is the Extended Learning Fall Course Schedule.  Graduate course schedules can be found by logging into your Widener University CampusCruiser account.  First time registrants should reach out to our office for registration assistance.

Should you be interested in applying for a fall program, need assistance selecting courses, or have any advisement questions, we are available to help you.  Please contact Graduate Studies and Extended Learning located at 120 Kapelski Learning Center on the main campus by calling 610-499-4282, emailing GEL@widener.edu, or visiting our office.
Finalize your fall schedule today, so your mind can be at ease as you fully enjoy the rest of your summer break!




Widener-Crozer Allied Health Programs Invite Students to Visit and Learn More About the New Partnership Agreement with Immaculata University

For the past several years, Widener and Crozer-Keystone Health System have been co-partners in offering two specialized undergraduate degree programs: an Associate of Science in Radiologic Technology, and Bachelor of Science in Diagnostic Medical Sonography.  Enrolled students attend Widener for prerequisite and liberal arts courses, and complete the program’s core classes and the clinical training through Crozer Hospital. The program has been very successful in preparing students to sit for the American Registry of: Diagnostic Medical Sonography Certificate Exam, or Radiologic Technologist Certificate Exam.

It’s easy to understand why these programs are quite popular and competitive.  According to the US Department of Labor, the median salary is estimated at $60K for radiologic technologists, and $65K for sonographers. (US Department of Labor, 2018). In addition, employment demand is increasing much faster than other occupations, plus the profession offers very flexible work schedules making it especially attractive to those seeking a strong work and family life balance.

This past May, an agreement with Immaculata University was articulated with the Widener-Crozer programs.  Immaculata students pursing a BS in Allied Health will complete their first three years at Immaculata, followed by the Crozer 20-month clinical training.  Recently, Widener and Crozer invited Immaculata students majoring in allied health who showed an interest in either of these professions to tour Widener’s campus and the clinical setting at Crozer.  They met the program directors, academic advisors, current students, faculty and staff.  They even had the opportunity to use the equipment on current students which was especially valuable, and a great example of Widener’s commitment to experiential learning.  Dr. Anne Marie McCauley, Director of Allied Health/Health Care Management at Immaculata stated: “The students were treated to an exciting and experience filled day in the radiology and sonography programs at Crozer.  Allowing the students to use the equipment with supervision from the program director made them even more excited about pursuing their career dreams.”IMG_20180405_093543







(Immaculata student Victoria Miller visits Widener & Crozer  
encouraging her pursuit to become an Ultrasound Technologist)

These students also learned how important it is to choose a program with small classes, as it cultivates an exceptionally engaged and individualized learning environment.  Both clinical programs admit limited cohorts of students twice per year.

There are still a few seats available to enter the January 2019 cohorts.  The Center for Extended Learning is holding an open house July 25th from 5-7pm on Widener’s main campus in Chester at the University Center for all of their programs. Detailed information, meeting with an advisor, and application assistance for the Widener-Crozer programs will be available. If interested, please click here to register in advance, or visit the Widener-Crozer Program website.

Dr. Maggie Place, Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies and Extended Learning states: “In conjunction with Crozer-Keystone Health Systems, Widener looks forward to working more closely with Dr. McCauley and Immaculata’s Allied Health students as they pursue the credentials needed to enter these two exciting professions.”

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(2018, April). Retrieved from: https://www.bls.gov/ooh/healthcare/diagnostic-medical- sonographers.htm
US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook.
(2018, April). Retrieved from:  https://www.bls.gov/ooh/healthcare/radiologic-technologists.htm



Widener Offers a Unique and Coveted Doctor of Psychology Program

Meet the program director and admission specialist at the next informal information session on July 10th at Bruce Hall from 2-3pm.

Widener’s Institute for Graduate Clinical Psychology houses the oldest accredited Doctor of Psychology program in the country.  This historic honor, coupled with the institute’s “exclusively-affiliated internship” is what attracts the most highly qualified PsyD applicants to choose Widener over other institutions. 2008 graduate, marketing photo shoot with photographer, Bill Dennison

The uniqueness of the exclusively-affiliated internship is its guarantee to place students in an APA-approved (American Psychology Association) internship and allow them to complete their entire training, including their internship, in five years.  During the first three years, students complete their practicum placement two days per week, and the last two years they are placed in their APA-approved internship half-time, which is three days per week. This is unlike most programs, in which students must complete a full-time, year-long internship separate from their classroom training.

In addition, other programs typically have students go through the annual Match Day in order to receive their APA-approved internship, but because there is a shortage of placements, students are not guaranteed an internship located in the same city where they study, and up to 25% do not get APA-approved internships at all.  However, Widener has cultivated an exclusive network with regional affiliates that guarantees APA-approved internships.  It also allows students to stay in the Philadelphia region for five different clinical experiences, and there is the added benefit of integrating lessons from the classroom during all five years of their training.

In addition to training generalist clinical psychologists, Widener offers the following certificate tracks, concentrations, and dual degrees:

Certificate Tracks:

  • Biofeedback
  • Neuropsychology
  • School psychology


  • Cognitive/behavioral therapy
  • Child, adolescent & family
  • Cross-cultural & diversity psychology
  • Forensic psychology
  • Health psychology
  • Psychoanalytic psychology

Dual Degrees:

  • Business (Psyd/MBA)
  • Business / health care management (PsyD/MBA-HCM)
  • Criminal Justice (PsyD/MCJ)
  • Human Sexuality (PsyD/MEd)

There will be an informal information session on Tuesday, July 10th, 2-3pm in Bruce Hall at the main campus in Chester.  Dr. Sanjay Nath who is the Director of the Program, and Lauren Naylor who coordinates the admission process will be available to meet with interested students.  If you would like to attend, or if you have any questions regarding the PsyD program, please email Lauren directly: lrnaylor@widener.edu.


The Center for Extended Learning Open House Announcement – Wednesday, July 25th, 5-7pm

The Center for Extended Learning will be hosting an Open House on Widener’s main campus in Chester at the University Center the evening of July 25th, 5-7pm.  Widener offers a variety of associate’s, bachelor’s, and noncredit professional certificate programs that are designed for adult learners interested in attending college part-time.  To accommodate student’s busy schedules, courses are offered in flexible formats: online, hybrid, and in-person at the main campus during the evenings and weekends.  Open House EL

Potential undergraduate extended learning students will have the opportunity to meet with an academic advisor, and are welcome to apply without any previous college credits for a degree entry program, or they may transfer up to 90 credits to complete a degree once started.  Bringing previous college transcripts to the open house will enable academic advisors to evaluate them and recommend an individualized educational plan.  Students will even have the opportunity to apply directly on-site with admission staff guidance.

Widener’s Financial Aid Services will also be available at the open house to help guide students on how they can best finance their degree.  Tuition for extended learning programs are already set at a competitive rate, but there are additional opportunities to offset tuition; making a Widener degree even more affordable. For example, Widener gives out scholarships each semester that are specific to nontraditional extended learning students.  These scholarship applications will be available at the open house, along with information on the availability of external scholarships and college loans.  In addition, tuition discounts are offered through official partnerships that the Center for Extended Learning has with regional employers, and a list of these partners with specific discount information will be available.

Please visit the Center for Extended Learning Open House for more information and to complete this simple online registration form.  Or, feel free to register by phone 610-499-4282 or e-mail GEL@widener.edu.

We look forward to a successful event and hope to see you there!

Cybercrime: a New Widener Course on a Trending Criminal Topic

In 2015 it was estimated that the global cost of cybercrime by 2019 will be $500 billion; however, this already staggering cost is now estimated to be 3 times higher at $2 trillion!  And with 48% of data security breaches being caused by acts of malicious intent, cyber security jobs are no longer recruiting just computer science experts. The need for professionals in the field of criminal justice with a concentration on cybercrime are also in high demand. 

For this reason, Widener’s Masters in Criminal Justice (MCJ) is now offering a newly developed Cybercrime course (CJ 614).  The course is an elective option for both the MCJ and the Graduate Certificate Program in Criminal Justice.  It will be offered for the second time in a hybrid format starting July 2.  Dr. Shana Maier who is the director of the MCJ program explains that the course will review the history and different types of cybercrime.  It will also cover the laws that pertain to it, and the efforts by state and U.S. federal law enforcement agencies on how to combat cybercrime. walsh_J

This course is being taught by Mr. Joseph Walsh, one of the leading experts on cybercrime in the area. Having more than 15 years of experience, he served as a police officer for 10 years specializing in investigating crimes involving technology, and has been considered an expert witness testifying in courts on many occasions.  Dr. Maier feels very fortunate to offer his expertise to Widener students, and she hopes that regional professionals will enroll to gain a full understanding of this area of specialty.  

In addition to the graduate programs in CJ, the Center for Extended Learning offers a BA in Criminal Justice designed for adult learners.  As a junior or senior undergraduate, it is possible to enroll in the cybercrime graduate level course with Dr. Maier’s approval.  It’s also helpful for potential undergraduates to know that a degree in criminal justice at Widener can lead to a position in combating cybercrime, as there will be no shortage of employment opportunities with these statistics, especially with the many data breaching issues found in news headlines in the past few months. 

Enrolling in this course will certainly stand out on any resume, as cybercrime is a daily threat to every industry and profession at both the local and global level.  For more information, please  contact Dr. Maier at slmaier@widener.edu.  For enrollment or admission questions, please contact our admission specialists:  Lori Carney – lscarney@widener.edu for graduate admissions, or Sharmane Walker sswalker@widener.edu for extended learning undergraduate admission.  You can reach all three by calling: 610-499-4282.  It’s not too late to enroll!




Biomedical Engineering – A Rewarding Profession Focused on Improving the Quality of Life

Widener’s Biomedical Engineering Assistant Professor Dr. Anita Singh was just awarded the prestigious Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award from the National Science Foundation to advance her research on the prevention of NPBB; a birth-related injury in newborns that can cause loss of movement or weakness of the arm.Anita Singh, biomedical engineering

Research that will stem from this multi-year grant of approximately $550,000 will allow select Widener students the opportunity for a resume-building hands-on learning experience. This award also highlights the fact that biomedical engineering as a career choice can be extremely rewarding, as Dr. Singh’s goal is to ultimately develop possible preventative and treatment strategies for NPBB.

Biomedical engineering curriculum typically combines engineering principles with medical and biological sciences to design and create equipment, devices, prosthetics, implants, computer systems, and software used in healthcare. Widener faculty research topics include: cardiovascular biomechanics, artificial kidney devices, swallowing disorders, suturing mechanics for C-sections, Alzheimer’s disease, and cooling devices for brain surgery.

Greater Philadelphia ranks as the second largest area of employment for biomedical engineers in the nation.  The I-95 corridor from New York to Washington D.C. makes up a major center of the therapeutics and devices industries, and salaries and job growth in the profession continue to rise each year.

Although a graduate candidate should hold a bachelor of science degree in engineering, candidates who hold undergraduate degrees in related disciplines are also welcome to apply.

If you are seeking a gratifying career that can significantly impact the quality of  people’s lives, we encourage you to consider enrolling in Widener’s MS in Biomedical Engineering.  Contact Kristy Ewing at 610-499-4124 / kewing@widener.edu to request more information or to arrange a private tour of our campus and a meeting with faculty and graduate admissions staff.

Could a Degree in Human Sexuality be the Discipline You’ve Been Looking for?

Four of our current graduate students in the Master of Human Sexuality program were interviewed by Vice for a recent article regarding the study of sexuality.  It’s not a surprise that Vice journalists turned to our students for insight, as Widener’s Center for Human Sexuality Studies is highly regarded and houses one of the only doctoral programs in human sexuality at a fully accredited university in the US.

Sexuality education has made significant strides in the last several years, especially due to its expanding academic attention.  Professionally, it complements many other disciplines such as: psychology, biology, sociology, engineering, law, allied health, and education.  For this reason, it has wide appeal and growing employment opportunities including positions that have never existed before.  We invite you to read the Vice article for a better understanding of how a degree in Human Sexuality may be the perfect match for you.

Widener offers a number of undergraduate degrees through the Center for Extended Learning that seamlessly leads students toward an MEd or PhD in Human Sexuality.  Our complementing bachelor programs include: Psychology, Allied Health, Liberal Studies, Criminal Justice, Legal Studies, Professional and Applied Studies, and Organizational Development & Leadership.

If you already have your undergraduate degree, you may want to consider Human Sexuality for graduate studies, a discipline you never considered before.  For example, a bachelor’s in criminal justice with an MEd in Human Sexuality is the perfect combination to work with sexual assault victims or sex criminals within the judicial system. In addition, Widener offers Human Sexuality as a dual degree; it is combined with both the MSW and PsyD degree programs.

This article exemplifies that many career possibilities and education options exist in the field of Human Sexuality that were never considered before, and our graduates are pioneering sexologists who take on leadership roles worldwide as clinicians, educators, and sexuality researchers.

It’s not too late to start your undergraduate degree for summer, or too late for graduate admission this coming fall. If you would like more information, please complete this undergraduate online request information form or graduate online form.


What a Successful Open House!

We want to thank everyone who joined us for the Graduate Studies & Extended Learning Open House last night.  We had a great turnout with a lot of energy and excitement in the air!  Participants were eager to learn details on the many career opportunities, and faculty and staff were impressed by the quOpen House.jpgality and character of all the potential Widener graduate and undergraduate applicants.  The synergy was so strong, that quite a few attendees applied right then and there, and faculty were even able to hold final applicant interviews!

Attendees represented all age groups with varying nationalities and educational backgrounds – high schoolers to doctoral candidtates.  Some even drove several hours to participate!

Congratulations to all those who had the courage to go from imagining their future with the degree in hand they always wanted, to actually being in the pipeline working towards it!

For those who were unable to attend, it’s not too late to be admitted in time for summer and fall enrollment.  Contact us to schedule a visit or phone consultation with an advisor.  610-499-4282 / GEL@widener.edu

Graduate & Extended Learning Open House

We want to remind everyone that TODAY – Wednesday, April 25th is the Widener University Graduate Studies and Extended Learning  Open House for all graduate and adult undergraduate degree and certificate programs.

  • WHERE: University Center on Widener’s Main Campus in Chester, PA – Parking is reserved for participants in the Kapelski Lot, right next door to the University Center.
  • WHEN: April 25th – 4pm – 7pm
  • WHY: 
    • Learn the details of the close to 100 master’s doctoral and certificiate programs.
    • Meet our expert faculty, academic advisors, and students.
    • Sit with an admissions specialist to complete your application and the application fee will be waived

Please pass this invitation along to friends and colleagues who may be interested in earning an undergraduate or graduate degree, or a professional certificate.

Academic Calendar Reminders & Open House Announcement

Spring has sprung, which also means you have only one month to go until the end of the semester.   Congratulations, you’re coming into the home-stretch.  Two important academic reminders for all students:Spring is in the air blog

  • Registration for Summer and Fall 2018 courses begins this week. Log into CampusCruiser for your individualized registration start date if you are a continuing student. Brand new students, please contact an academic advisor to complete a paper registration form for your first course(s).
  • We want to remind everyone that Wednesday, April 4th is the deadline to withdrawal without academic penalty. Know that your professors and advisors are always here to help guide you and provide professional academic counseling, so be sure to take advantage of their expertise should you have any concerns about your current course grade status or the appropriate course(s) to register for in the coming summer and fall semesters.

We also want to share an exciting announcement – Widener University Graduate Studies and Extended Learning is hosting an Open House for all graduate and adult undergraduate degree and certificate programs.  Spread the word!

WHEN – Wednesday, April 25th 4pm-7pm
WHERE – University Center on Widener’s Main Campus in Chester, PA
Learn More and REGISTER 
Please pass this invitation along to friends and colleagues who may be interested in earning an undergraduate or graduate degree, or a professional certificate.

Happy Spring and the Best of Luck with End of Semester
Projects and Exams!